President Joko Widodo

March 23, 2023

"I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for this award, the Global Citizen Award"

Gaurav Srivastava shaking hands with President Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo: Honorable Mr. Frederick Kemp, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council,

Honorable Mr. Gaurav Srivastava, founder of the Gaurav and Sharan Srivastava Family Foundation,

Ministers attending this event, and all distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for this award, the Global Citizen Award from the Atlantic Council, presented to me today.

Honestly, I never imagined that I would receive such a prestigious award. I have always strived to do my best and take full responsibility in upholding the values of humanity.

As a diverse country, Indonesia, with its 17,000 islands, 1,340 ethnic groups, and 652 local languages, has taught us the values of tolerance, peace, unity, and cooperation.

As an individual and as a leader, I enjoy visiting villages, rural areas, and traditional markets. I have learned from the common people and they have taught me modesty and humility, and the challenges they face. The poorest and low-income families and countries face the hardest challenges.

Therefore, I have always strived to fight for the interests of the common people and to give a voice to low-income countries in various forums.

The world cannot be built through rivalry and greed, but must be built with tolerance, cooperation, mutual respect, and mutual benefit.

The presidency of Indonesia in G20 this year, and the chairmanship of Indonesia in ASEAN next year in 2023, will also be supported by upholding these values.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, I would like to thank you for this Global Citizen Award. It will boost my motivation and the government of the Republic of Indonesia to take up its responsibilities as part of the global solution.

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